Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Today I am participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I grudgingly chose prompt #4:List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the hutzpah.

First, I had to look up "hutzpah." It is Yiddish for "balls." Or some say, cajones, whatever, you get the picture. And I "grudgingly" chose it, because, well, the other prompts were a little to deep for me. Too much thinking. It's summertime . . . it's hot . . . coffee hasn't kicked in . . . you know what I mean. And, yes, I know, my blog is supposed to be about reading, so I've thrown in a few fictional characters to make it interesting.

1. Mark McGrath: Can I grab your be-hind? Oh, no wait, I already did -- without asking! Something about a tall, lead singer, white boy that I just CANNOT resist!
2. God: Why haven't I won the Lotto yet? (I'd probably get in BIG time trouble for that one!)

3. The family member that spread awful, hateful rumors about me: Why? Do you not have anything better to do with your time than ruin friendships? Are you happy now? (and the reason I don't say this is because I can't stand the mere sight of her. My "god moment" was when I got chills of danger once when she looked at me as if she was possessed; God was telling me -- Watch out! So glad I listened. From that moment on I believed in The Evil Eye! Whew, scary stuff.)
4. The boy I had a crush on in high school (okay, boys): What do you have to say, now? ;)

5. Rhett Butler: Can I be your baby-mamma? (I WILL not let him/her ride a pony)

6. Wannabe customers of my book exchange that think they should not have to pay because they are bringing in REALLY good books (which are REALLY old, falling apart and stinky): Do you even understand how a business works? It takes cash flow; what is so hard about understanding that??????
7. Bono: Will you write a song about me?

8. Gidget: Can I be the Latina version of you?

9. Pete Carroll: So, you wanna make my son a deal now, before all the scouts get sight of him?
10. Becky Bloomwood: PLEASE let me be your bestie! We can shop together, do lunch, laugh, go to shopaholic anonymous meetings together! It would be such fun!

Visit Mama Kat to read more Writer's Workshop prompts!


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

OMG!!! People REALLY do that at your store? REally?

Amazing how people feel they have that kind of power or influence.

Imagine going to a restaurant and expecting to not pay because you've eaten there 1000 times and always order the most expensive meal... PUHLEZZZE!

Unknown Mami said...

#5 made me laugh and the line for #8 starts behind me (although I'm too tall to be as cute as Gidget).

Jeanette said...

Love it! Wish I could visit your store it sounds great. I'll have to visit your website for that awesome OpenPage book cover. Too cool.

Jenners said...

This was so funny! I love your chutzpah! And Mark McGrath...wasn't that weird when he became a host of an entertainment show? I was so confused by that...I think he is back to music now.

Patty said...

This is so much fun. I need to think about it. I agree with number 5. Definitely no ponies. Gone With the Wind is my absolute favorite movie.

And I LOVE football. College and NFL. Your son must be really good.

Sassy Chica said...

great post!!
luv #7-I would totally ask Bono to write a song about me! A beautiful ballad, one that we could dance cheek to cheek.

Sassy chica

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love it!! And yes, pet hair in food. And she keeps inviting us over!!


Hallie :)