Friday, August 7, 2009

Grunion Run!

What is a grunion, you ask? A grunion is a tiny, silver fish. Fish can run? Well, yes and no. They "run" along SoCal beaches at night during their spawning season. They come on shore, that is, and when you see it, it's amazing!

I was lucky enough (they are only on shore for 4 nights) to happen upon a grunion run during my senior year in high school. During Prom. With Frank. I know, you can stop gagging now, but really, we are NOT the perfect couple! ::wink:: The sight was fantastic (the picture I found makes them look like dead fish out of water, believe me, they are VERY alive)! It's as if the entire shore is moving. They seem to glow silver in the dark and they flap like crazy to get back into the water. Before that night, I had never heard of a grunion. I was so afraid to walk out there -- eww, what if it touched my foot? Frank, the gentleman that he is, coaxed me rather lovingly to just get a little closer (do you know where this is going?). "C'mon, you don't have to go any closer than you want to. That's, it, just a little closer. I -- I mean-- they won't bite." We did end up on the shore, but I dared not touch one! People were actually trying to catch them with their hands! Apparently, that's how you fish for them.

Anyway, yes, we did end up having a romantic, moonlit kiss on the beach that night. Since The Kiss happened during the grunion run, I have to believe that our lives were destined to mesh into a series of "luck" and "love" that continues to this day. Maybe I will try to convince Frank to go out tonight. And just maybe, I'll get LUCKY and see the grunions again. Wonder if it will be the same after 22 years? I'd love to find out (hu-muna, hu-muna!).

Check out Beach California to read more about the Grunion Run. There is also a list of the beaches and times that the grunion are expected to be seen.



Ashley said...

Haha! How wonderful! I think you should definitely try to go for a repeat!

~Stopping by from SITS

Unknown Mami said...

I never knew what a Grunion Run was.

Okay, I just have to tell you that your word verification is telling me to type in butspit which sounds a lot like butt spit.