Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sundays in My City

Welcome to Sundays in My City! Unknown Mami has devoted her Sunday postings to wonderful pictures of her city. Today, she invites us all to join in. Visit her to add your link or just to see how other bloggers spend their Sundays!

In my small city, we are lucky enough to have a labyrinth. It is a quiet, spiritual place to walk, meditate, and pray. The above photo is the entrance. The photo below is the angel statue which is a reminder of the sacredness (of quiet, peace, and no talking "policy").

The next photo is of the center of the maze. Here, one can sit and rest while praying or meditating before re-entering the maze to follow the way back out.

I enjoyed my walk to the labyrinth today. I felt calm and refreshed afterwards. (I spent about 15 minutes in the center of the maze, desperately trying to quiet my mind!) I have lived here for 20 years and love to share my favorite places with people. Our city is only 3.5 square miles, but it is full of wonderful surprises. Join me (and Mami!) every Sunday as I share these treasures with you!

Unknown Mami


Melissa said...

mmmmm... I can't see your pictures, but the place sounds awesome! I love little gardens like that.

BookLady said...

Sorry my pictures aren't showing, what the heck is going on? I don't know. :(

Unknown Mami said...

I can't see the pics either. Did you try using flickr?

You totally inspired me though because I
have a small labrynth by my house. I'll show you a picture next week.

I really want to see your pics. I hope you get them working.

Unknown Mami said...

OMG! Stunning...