Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why is this so difficult?

Who would have known that naming a blog would be so difficult? The names I wanted are "taken" and yet the owners have not updated in over a year! I want to write about two things I love, books and the beach (obvious Chick Lit link, right?) Naturally, I will post about Books for the Beach, a blog taken and not upated since 2008. I am a devout Beach Reader, name taken with ONE post in 2005. Then, I thought of my admiration for Gidget, the girl who is all things beachy. So, I tried Gidget Reads . . . and did a little research on the "real" Gidget, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman. That got me a little "scured," will she try and sue me if I use it in my blog address? So, I changed it again. All this time, I'm hoping that it is not screwing up -- I mean messing up -- anything in my posts. If you follow me, I have changed/edited the blog name and address at least 8 times since yesterday!!! I knowwww . . . who would have thought it would be so difficult. And I STILL want Gidget Reads as my address . . . any ideas from all you seasoned bloggers out there? What's a girl to do?

Newport Beach 3
Lonely as the birds on the beach in wintertime, who am I in this great big blog world?

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