Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Back!

First, the apology: "I am truly sorry for neglecting my blog." [falls on deaf ears since I have no followers yet! LOL] Next, the explanation: I read too much. I neglect my writing because I read too much. Simple.

I've added a group on Facebook simply called Book Exchange hopefully the link will take you there. Also, Terrace Books is on Twitter, TerraceBooks

I find it much easier to update those two profiles because their "purpose" is clearly stated. My blog is not so easily categorized, do I make it personal? business only? book only? what do people want to know? I began following a group of bloggers and I read many different types, from sewing divas to super moms and culinary wizards. Many have their own businesses and yet their blog is personal. I figure this Book Exchange blog will be both, I love to talk about Terrace Books and I love to talk about books. :) Myself, not so much, I tend to go on about nothing really, thinking "who wants to know that?" and "what will they think if I get too personal?" and "what really constitutes too much information?" as seen here from this "awkward-don't know when to stop-style of Ellen DeGeneres" speech pattern . . . that just keeps going . . . and . . . . well, you get the picture! Keep Reading!

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BookLady said...

Now, after searching for and reading the Literary blogs I think, "Yikes!" I don't even want to go there!