Monday, April 27, 2009

Chick Lit for many reasons

First off, chick lit is a sub-category of romance. Second off, I'm kind of a nerd in regards to reader's advisory, I really wanted to be a librarian and so, yeah, I guess that makes me kinda nerdy! So, I'll try and go easy on the technical stuff, but basically chick lit is romance that is funny, whimsical, and light-hearted. We fall in love with the character because:

1. She makes us laugh
2. She is neurotic
3. She is just like us!

Her adventures not only include a hot male, but also some kind of mystery or intrigue. Case in point, in the Shopaholic series (Sophie Kinsella), Becky Bloomwood is constantly searching for ways to pay for her shopping "addiction." Adventure-city! I recall the time she had to break out her frozen credit card, yes, it was literally frozen . . . in a block of ice . . . in her freezer!!! Hilarious stuff!

(nerd alert, I'm quoting wiki)From wikipedia: chick lit "generally deals with issues of modern women humorously and lightheartedly." The characters do what real women do: shop, obsess and lust over hot guys! I don't know about you, but I can never get enough of shopping scenarios. It doesn't matter how many books I read, how many characters I meet, I am eager to find out how each author can put a spin on the shopping scenario.

And then there is the obsessive, neurotic thing. Each character has Something, just like us real life women! Becky's is her fear of the debt collector. He is lurking everywhere, and she REALLY, REALLY wants to pay off the debt, but she has to be very creative about it. The excuses -- I mean reasons -- she cannot pay when it's due are like litanies of a Letterman top 10 list! But, she is only human. Her debt is who she is. It's as if she will not be herself once she gets it paid off. It has become a part of her, she relies on it to make her Becky Bloomwood. Sound familiar? Watch any of the Suze Orman segments on Oprah lately? Hmm??? Real life in a funny way. Escapism at its best. But in a good way. It's funny, lighthearted and helps take the edge off that great big scary thing called Reality.

Need to laugh? I recommend:
Confessions of a Shopaholic (book, NOT movie!)
by Sophie Kinsella

Comment your favorite shopping novels, I want to read them all! (the books, -- but, yes, of course, I do want to read your comments, it's just that I'm looking for help in expanding my shopping novel experience . . . which doesn't mean your comments are not important to me, they are, I just need books right now, is all. . . um . . . yeah)

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