Friday, May 1, 2009

And now for a little beach fashion news:

Hurley and Bar Refaeli (THE swimsuit cover model/designer for this year's SI Swimsuit Edition) teamed up to design The Little Black Bikini which debuts today at I don't know about you, but I promised a LONG time ago, that I would NEVER wear a bikini! If you are one of the, oh, let's say, 200 SoCal ladies who CAN pull this off I say "Go for it!" (as I secretly hate you . . . JK, I don't hate you, I just "hate" you) The Little Black Bikini is a limited edition piece retailing for $120.00. And by June 2, it will be available at select Victoria Secrets stores.

Which brings me to this: PANIC!
TMI alert --- in the past three years, I have gained about, oh lets say, 20 pounds!!?? Give or take a few, okay, give a few more . . . my point is, how in the heck am I gonna be in beach mode with this gut? Salad-city, here I come! I am totally living at under the Healthy Cooking button, what else can I do? I will stock up on V8 juice and swear off Corona's (for a while). I will speed walk my treadmill EVERY DAY! I will cut out and paste the cutesy, Little Black Bikini right on the fridge door -- THIS is what all those little blonde girls will be wearing at the beach, lady! I can at least lose 10 pounds so as to not embarrass my kids! It's me or the moo-moo, which I'm sure is very flattering, for some people, but not for me. I will channel my Gidget-self, spend hours on the treadmill watching reruns of the adorable Sally Fields -- who still has an awesome girly figure, BTW -- and then sip my V8 as I read. And I musn't forget my Hungry Girl cookbooks! I will LIVE in the salad section, I'm telling you! BTW, Keep Reading!

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