Friday, May 15, 2009

Beach Fashion Friday

Ah, Friday . . . time for a little fashion news. I'd like to tell you about a special fashion moment for me. When I get the chance to walk on my treadmill, I watch TiVo'd Martha Stewart shows. Well, one day Martha featured Lilly Pulitzer designs and I fell in love! The colors! The simplicity! The beachness! The cuteness of the clothes actually made me walk faster on my treadmill! I want that dress. I want those shoes. I want that bag! Adorable!

In between your blog reading and comment leaving today, check out the Lilly Pulitzer website and browse around. The dress pictured here is Lilly's Villa Dress, which retails for $148.00!! Sadly, I have nothing of Lilly, but I am contemplating some flip flops or some sunglasses. And if you REALLY love Lilly, you can search the web and find some Lilly-loving sites, they even have a fan page on Facebook! Of course there's a blog called A Colorful Life, too! :) Enjoy and keep reading! :)

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