Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm on a Boat!

Okay, so I'm a little late with this post. Just got back from an awesome weekend boating with fam and friends over at Lake Mohave. We had a blast, not too crowded and, thankfully, no boat "mishaps!" Well, except for the docking story.

Our oldest daughter just turned 20 (USC trojan!) and she has previous boating experience. Her dad, my ever-so-impatient hubby, entrusted her to dock the boat onto the trailer of the Tahoe. Well, let me tell you, that is no easy task considering all the rookies on the lake, and after this episode, our lovely daughter has definitely earned her captain's rank! Things are a tad bit different now, considering her dear old dad decides to park the trailer right next to a real beauty of a boat, not to mention costly boat. Really costly. Like $50,000-plus costly. Dear old dad parks so close to the other loading boat, that poor daughter can BARELY squeeze past said hunk-a-change boat and creepy old lady with fishing boat (who by the way, may or may not understand English. Hello? Can you scoot it over, lady??). Talk about stressed out! Here are all seven of us passengers gently coaxing her, "You got it...easy ...easy, piece of cake ... " while all eyes are on her. Will she hit it? I call out to one friend, "just be ready to push us off of that REALLY nice boat, in case we get too close!" This only seems to get her more nervous (really? Ooops, sorry!), "Am I gonna hit it? Am I gonna hit it?" While another friend/passenger is leaning WAY over the side to try and guide us along the dock, I mean WAY OVER, so much so that hubby screams at the top of his lungs, "GET THE F- Back in the BOAT!!" I mean, she was practically a bridge from our bow to the dock, what the heck was she doing??? Said friend is frightened back into her seat and sits quietly for remainder of docking.

Then there is the owner of hunk-a-change boat, standing there watching . . . waiting. . . waiting, for what? To jump my husband the second our daughter hits his boat? I heard there was a "ruckus" the day before at the dock, not again, please!!! Aren't people supposed to be all chummy and friendly on the water? Not this time, no way! You could hear the fluttering of a dragonfly's wings at this point in time. Oh jeez, please do not start a fight with my husband! If only I could jump over to the dock and tell him to calm the frickin' heck down! Ay-yi-yi . . . what a nightmare! When she finally does get it loaded --without hitting anything!-- dear old dad doesn't even acknowledge her effort. Obviously, she was EXPECTED to succeed, or else. Just another one of his little life lessons he decides to spring on us. If you can dock a boat with little to zero maneuvering room you are so ready for all of life's challenges! I could have killed him, especially when I glanced to my left and saw that ENTIRE side empty of docking boats! He couldn't have parked over there? Where there was no one? Not one single boat??? What the heck? And I get to live with this man, pray for me please!


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

It could be worse... you could be married to my hubby... we bought a boat over a month ago... still no title, still no place to park it.

We paid the money... but have no boat... nice...

And when I inform him of this...he gets all bent outta shape.

the vacuum lady said...

Welcome home- sounds like great family time, no matter what. I saw you have a book store. Are you interested in self published non-fiction? You can look at my book at if your interested in even helping me promote it. Glad I stopped by!