Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Selling Tuesday

Last week, one customer almost wiped out the books by Christina Dodd! The author has had at least 17 romance books on the bestseller list. She is the winner of the Golden Heart and RITA awards, MAJOR for the Romance industry I tell ya! She has numerous series books, and well, too many for me to write about today.

Not that I'm not into Christina Dodd, but . . . well, since a blog should be kinda personal, I'll just let put it out there. In the past week, our family has had to deal with two very tragic deaths. Last Saturday, my husband's 28 year-old cousin was killed in a car accident. Then on Sunday, my son's football teammate was killed in a riding accident. He was 10. So, we've been through one memorial on Saturday, a wake/rosary last night, and today is the funeral. My heart is aching with pain for the families -- each boy was an only son. I'm sorry, but I just cannot keep my mind on anything other than these families . . . so I'm thinking of putting the rest of this off until tomorrow. Please come back and I'll have her books with appropriate series titles listed. Thanks for understanding.


Cassie said...

oh no I'm so sorry!

MaryRC said...

sorry to hear about that.