Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Temporary Store Hours

Terrace Books will now open at 11:00 am. We are still open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.

Also, gripe time! Okay, a man just left kind of in an onery mood because I am "not much help." First, he comes in with a tattered book asking if I could fix it. Huh??? Does it say Book Bindery on the sign? I kindly responded, "no, I am not a book binder." He asked, "do you know where I can get it fixed?" I said, "hmm. . . let me think, the last time I saw a bindery was when I went to Oak Glenn. I really don't know of anywhere else, maybe you can look in the phone book." Okay, then he wanted me to search for some obscure book. Why? I am not a librarian or a book "dealer" who makes money through a finders fee. I told him that Terrace Books is a book exchange and that we deal with bestselling fiction paperback books to trade with customers. He looked at me as if I was crazy and said, "you're not much help." I kindly suggested he visit our local library and speak to the wonderful librarian whose name is - and here he rudely cut me off saying, "I don't see how that can help me any." At this point, I lost patience and smiled, saying, "sorry." He took a bookmark and left. Tell me, what should have I done? I had several customers in the store, who were buying books. I cannot spend my time searching for a book that will get me ZERO dollars while I have my own wonderful customers who appreciate the kind of help I can give them. This man was obviously not a prospective customer, oh, and by the way, I do search and order books for the regulars as a courtesy and appreciation for their years of loyalty to Terrace Books. This was a guy who walked in off the street with no intention of even browsing our bookstore! (~~deep sigh~~) So there, I let it all out! Much better . . . now on to better things, selling books, trading books, and reading books! Have a good one! Eileen

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