Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Decor

As our regular customers know, Terrace Books always gets dressed up for the seasons! Currently, we are in Halloween atire, with scary books in the window surrounded by flashing skeleton bodies! And of course we are in our traditional Halloween aprons: orange with black bats, stars and crescent moons. It's fun to add a touch of seasonal change to the bookstore which encourages our customers to keep coming in and see what kind of theme we have on display.

At the back of the store, our red "farmhouse-cupboard" display shelves are full of creepy spiders and funny jack o' lantern faces! In the horror section, you'll find numerous titles by King, Koontz and Saul. On the way out, be sure to take a candy from the dracula holding the Trick or Treat container full of yummy candy! Happy Halloweeen, from Eileen, Maureen and Susan.

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