Saturday, October 11, 2008

I found it!

As Saturday begins here at Terrace Books, I have already been engaged in discussion with one regular customer. He is looking for books by Robert Jordan and Raymond Feist. Well, of course like all good sci-fi fans, he just had to tell me about the current author he is collecting: the Magicians series by Feist. And wouldn't you know it, but we had the first two books in the series! Needless to say, he was overjoyed. And once again, I felt the tingles of pride as I was able to help another avid reader find their treasure.
Finding the long lost book is like a treasure hunt. Once, I searched and searched for a customer who wanted a particular Golden Book. The story really touched me: his sister was pregnant with her first child, which would be his first niece or nephew. He recalled a Golden Book story that his sister read to him over and over, when they were kids. She never got tired of reading it to him and he never tired of hearing the story. Well, the new baby was due around Christmastime, and he just had to have the book to give as a gift to his sister. Lo and behold, I found it on ebay! I was able to bid for him and won the book! The day he came to pick it up, you'd think he won the lottery or something! What a super feeling to know that books will do that to people.
Although I don't have the time to search for used or out-of-print books any more, Terrace Books does have the 'firsts' in lots of series like One for the Money by Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum) and 1st to Die by James Patterson (Women's Murder Club). Also, if the book is still in print, I can order it. It will be full retail price, but if you have store credit, you may use it to pay for 1/2 the price! So at $7.99 you would use $3.99 from your credit and pay $3.99 plus tax, which means your total price for the book is $4.30! Then, if you bring the book back, you get $2.00 added to your credit if it is still in Like New condition. How can you beat that?
Coming next time: Books Wanted

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