Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Online store

Have you seen our Abe Books store online? Since the end of June, we have cleared out Terrace Books of non-fiction titles and have been selling them in our online store at Abe Books. It is a long and tedious process entering all the data. We have over 500 books listed right now. We just had our computer updated to a newer model which works 6X faster than the old one! You can search abebooks.com under bookstores and type in Terrace Books to see our inventory online.

Also, our website terracebooks.com is slowly but surely being updated. I've listed the guidelines for trade-ins on the front page. With the injured economy the Terrace Books store has been quite slow, which gives us a chance to work on the online "stuff." Of course, we'd rather be busy helping our regulars than anything else. Please pass the word about our much-loved book exchange here in the Inland Empire. I think most people would love new customers to trade books with!

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