Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Quality Book Exchange for the Inland Empire

I have my reading moments. At times, I can read up to 5 novels in a week. I read the entire Maximum Ride series by James Patterson in a long weekend this summer. Then of course, I have my dry spells. I can't find the perfect book to hold my interest. I have to be in the mood. I do own over 20,000 fiction paperback books, and still can't decide what to read! I've noticed many of the customers at Terrace Books experience the same thing. It seems nothing I recommend will catch their attention! What avid reader can walk out of a bookstore with empty hands? Not many! The funny thing about meeting new customers, is seeing the dilemna they go through trying to decide which books to trade in. Amazingly, a woman today traded in her entire Nora Roberts collection! She brought in over 60 books by Nora Roberts and some of Debbie Macomber's series. I could tell she had a hard time letting go, she even had her daughter bring the books in! I think it's awesome that people have such attachments to books and reading. Although at times it's frustrating trying to get people to try new things. Like the women who will only read Danielle Steel. It's as if they are afraid of "cheating" on their author or something! I used to feel that way about genres. Me, read a cheezy romance novel? Never! But since I've discovered Sophie Kinsella, romance novels have never been the same. The Shopaholic series is anything but cheezy! And I get so caught up in the character's financial antics, I completely forget that it is a romance book. Poor Becky Bloomwood, whatever kind of trouble will she get herself into next?

But, back to my original intent, Terrace Books is now one of the only higher quality book exchanges in the Inland Empire. Our customers may be trying to keep us a secret (selfish!) but others really need to know. The more customers we have to trade books with, the better selection we can offer. You will save tons of money and feel good about recycling your books. For instance, a regular 7.99 book sells here for 4.00. And, if you have store credit, you pay only 2.00 (plus tax) becuase we take the other 2.00 from your store credit. How cool is that? We are open Monday - Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We know books, we read books, we trade books!

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