Friday, July 10, 2009

Beachy Stuff

I love Martha Stewart. In another world, at another time, in another place . . . I could be her! Last year I was on a roll, making aprons left and right, homemade fudge packed in ribbon laced mason jars, the BEST macaroni and cheese you've ever had -- Frank began calling me "Martha Garza." Sure, she's a little over the top sometimes, like, where do I go to get duck breast? I can bet they do NOT have it at my Stater Bros! I can also bet my kids wouldn't eat it! (don't think I would either, come to think of it . . . )

Anyhoo, sometimes I just love to go over to her website and browse around. Recently, I found some easy handbag designs. However, after reading comments submitted, I have been "scured" to try any designs (fabric cost $$$, ya know!). Have you noticed how limited and short each direction is? I need pictures! Even here on the web, why can't Martha's staff put some photos in with the directions? I regularly visit some crafty bloggers and let me tell you, their tutorials are WAY easier to follow than some of Martha's stuff! I just have to share this design from Made by Rae for a Buttercup Bag (link is on the left side of her blog). It is the cutest thing ever! Still a novice, I'd need to take a class (LOL!) to sharpen up my skills.

If I make the Buttercup Handbag, I would take it with me to a beach side hangout like Mutt Lynch's. Or, I'd bring it along when we make our summer shopping trip to Jack's surf shop. How cute would it look with matching flip-flops? It does seem too small to carry even a small paperback, so it would definitely be a shopping trip only kind of bag. It looks just the right size for a wallet, cell phone, car keys, lip gloss and small notepad with pen -- shopping trip essentials! The BEST thing is, that other crafters have purchased Made by Rae's design and are selling them on Etsy! That means I don't even have to make it myself! Woo-hoo!

Well, enough of that. It's Friday, I need to clean up the house, do laundry (another big game tonight -- we lost yesterday --), pay bills (UGH!), run to the market that does not sell duck breast, and then maybe finish reading Debbie Macomber's Summer on Blossom Street (just can't get into it, sad 'cuz I usually love Debbie).

Book Lady


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

tHE LINK to the Buttercup handbag didn't work...

I'd love to see it!

BookLady said...

Thanks Saundra, I fixed it! The link takes you to her blog, the bag pattern is in the left margin.

Unknown Mami said...

The bag is adorable. You might as well make two and send me one. Ha!